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About Us


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About us

Textillery Ldt. is a boutique garment production house located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The state-of-the-art equipment guarantees that all the creative ideas for your garments are doable.
We are excellent in precision dyeing and finishing, as well as in garment dyeing and washing programs,
being supported by numerous excellent partners inside and outside Bangladesh.
Our promise

Living up to your quality expectations and consulting you with eventual further improvements.

A great quality-price ratio.
Smaller quantities that can be produced very cost efficient as a result of small overhead expenses.

On time delivery

Our reliability 

Modern ERP system and computerised reporting production in all segments of textile and garment manufacturing.

We believe this way we can earn your trust and confidence.

We are welcoming you to get in touch with our team of professionals and experience the excellence.




  • The more difficult it gets,

  • the more we like it

  • Your creativity is our limit!

  • On time delivery

Our specialty

We are able to produce all types of knitted items from 90 gr to 300 gr.
Anything as long as it is knitted.
Outstanding quality levels.
100%CO knit , pique and single jersey.
Light fastness up to 4 and perspiration fastness from 3 to 4.
Sewing accuracy ≤ 5%.
The lead time is 60 days for knitted items and from 90 to 120 days for imported items.
Compliant: OEKO-TEX 100 Class 2, BSCI Global Compact.

Pieces T-shirt / month

Pieces Polo shirt / month

Dyeing Capacity / tons per day.

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Why us?
Because we are prospecting for business partners and not for customers.
Because we are the company you need for fulfilling your success in Bangladesh and our sourcing network is in your advantage.
Because we celebrate this year our 10th anniversary in this business.
Because we can facilitate 100 % your business.


We are successfully working even with critical items.
We can take up small orders as well as big orders.
If you are looking for a production unit to develop your garment products,
we will successfully provide it for you.
We are able to produce your entire collection from baby to granny.
We are providing you assistance with the following matters

Choosing the wright size (size chart) as for your sales market

We have pattern facility.

Picking from our ample collection of prints and embroidery designs

A special team develops best quality fabrics as high light or perspiration light proof fastness, as well as high stability against nitrogen and ozone treatments.

Providing all types of samples, including the sales ones

Inspection service – a team that inspects all kinds of fabrics and garments.

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Our Location

We are only 30 minutes away from The Radisson Blue


+880 1617 706 806

+880 1717 264 756


826, Bangabondhu Sharok, Tangabari, Ashulia,Savar, Dhaka-1341, Bangladesh.


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